Computer Programmer (Python, Java, SQL, Swift & VB.NET), XB1X/Switch Gamer, Interested in computer history, gadgets and the Internet.

Batch rename JPG’s using a simple Python script

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Do you have directories filled with pictures, imported from your digital camera or mobile, all with meaningless names?

import osimport tkinterfrom tkinter import filedialogfrom tkinter.simpledialog import askstring

os - We use to help us with file paths.

Tricks to reduce CPU load and speed up your timeline for Safari

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I very rarely go on Facebook, unless prompted to, by someone else or to share something like an article with people I think would be interested.

Is technology to blame?

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Personally I do not suffer with mental health issues, but I know people who do, my partner been one of them.

How to use Pythons built-in SQLite database module

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If you’re new to Python then you may have been using .txt or .csv files to store and read data.

Google Chrome is slowing some Mac’s down by nearly 80%, even when not in use or un-installed!

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Yes, you read that correctly, up to 80% performance hit while not even using Google Chrome or having it installed!

Plugins I could not code without

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I use PyCharm Professional every day at work and would not be without it, but I do relay on a few plugins which makes things easier.

1. Rainbow CSV

Rainbow CSV is a CSV file reader which colour codes each column for easy viewing inside of PyCharm. This saves having to load any CSV files into Excel or Numbers, you can do it all from PyCharm.

Stream movies, music & photos over your local network using your Mac to any smart device in your home

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Me and my family always stream our home movies and other video’s we have stored on our own personal cloud. When we have visitors they always seem to ask how I do this.

An app to help you make quick decisions using polls for your Mac or iPhone

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Agree for MacOS & iOS

Have you ever needed to make a decision with a group of friends or work colleagues, over which restaurant you are going to eat at or what time to meet there?

Edit hidden settings on your Mac that Apple doesn’t want you to

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Your Mac out of the box looks and works great, but as I have written about before here, I always like to adjust a few settings to make it work better for me. Apple has a host of different options you can change to your liking, but did you know there are some hidden ones too?

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QR codes are everywhere more and more businesses are using them to link to user manuals for products, videos on how to use products and direct them to their website etc.

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